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Sign in the desert:
The oasis in the desert.
Girl at the beach:
Now that the clouds are gone, I can finally enjoy our twin sunshine. You know, I heard there's an oasis in the desert where there's this giant turtle. I'd love to go there...
Hi Twinsen. If you want to see Moya the turtle, you may find her at the small oasis or on the other side of the harbor. To call her, just ring the bell.
The oasis is located at the south east point of Desert Island. It provides shallow water, and is mainly used for relaxation.
The oasis is the place where Moya the turtle spends most of her time. If one wishes to see her, all he has to do is ring the bell located there.
Also, the place provides a comfortable landing point for Dino-Flies.

It is at the oasis where Twinsen called Moya the turtle whenever he needed her to take him somewhere. Also, it is where Dino-Fly landed and stayed while Twinsen was around the island.


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