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Safeguard street


Sign at the sewers:

"Safeguard Street"
Sewers rabbibunny:

What a pain these sewers! What a stink and I still have oodles of manhole covers to update. Phew!! I have had it up to here!!
Well, I am certain he is not in the sewers, I would have seen him.

Safeguard street is a small street at the south-east of Citadel Island's sewers system. Located under the road leading to the north of the town, this street is easily accessible through a grate just near the road.
On the inside, there is nothing of real interest to any kind of visitors. The street consists of nothing but a small road that ends at a ramp too high to reach at one end, and just sewer tunnels at the other end. A barrel containing a pretty high sum of money is standing just near the enrance. Additioanlly, a repairman rabbibunny is sometimes noted at the place, working on various sewers repairing.


In case Twinsen happened to be noticed around Safeguard street during his second adventure, it must have been by an accident. This small sewers area served absolutely no purpose in the quetch's second adventure, except for retrieving some monet from the barrel. He also came there for a very short period of time, to seek for information about the missing lighthouse keeper.




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