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Emerald Moon street


Sign at the sewers:

"L.B.A. Old Burg Sewer service. Emerald Moon Street."

Emerald Moon street is a small street at the Old Burg at Principal Island. It is the only sewers street on the entire island, and its existance is unknown to most inhabitants of the island. A marble statue of Dr. FunFrock is blocking the way, and a Horn of Gawley is required in order to enter the street. It is located in the middle part of the Old Burg, between the bottom level and the Astronomer's house.
Inside the street, it is noticable that this is where the sewer tunnels end their course. As for the few visitors who reach the street, the only thing of real interest is the three mushrooms located around the room, each one consisting of a few life candies or magic flasks. However, the real attraction of the place is the barrel standing near the sewers tunnel, containing 150 kashes. A small ladder leads in or out of the place.


Once owning the Horn of Gawley, Twinsen was able to break the statue of FunFrock, thus gaining access to the street. Inside, he had nothing much to do, except for gaining the consumable items, as well as the desired kashes. Twinsen had no further use of the street.


The name of this place, as well as a sentence said by the horse in the White Leaf Desert, is the only mention of Twinsun's moon as far as it is known in Twinsen's first adventure.




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