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Twinsen's House

Let's see if I can remember how to do this.



Twinsen's house (Citadel island)

I think it's time to make use of what you hid in the house.
Mies Van der Rooh's father:

My son and I fixed the ventilation flap in your chimney. We'll put up a fence later. It's odd that it is so far away from your house! According to my son, who is an architect, there are a lot of strange things about your house!

House of Twinsen and Zoé.

On Bug Street is Twinsen's house, which is located on the southern end Citadel Island, near the lighthouse and beach headland. In fact, he has had two seperate houses. The first house was built into the cliffs, and actually extended far back into them. So far, it perplexed his architect neighbor when he came to fix the chimney. Soon after Twinsen escaped from the Citadel, his house was bricked shut, and eventually destroyed by the tyrant.

After the loss of his house, Twinsen had another one built. Since before the birth of their new son, Twinsen and Zoé had been remodelling the interior. Their new house also has a niche for their car, should they need to drive it.


Throughout Twinsen's adventures, he often sought sanctuary in his home. Whether he be hiding from clones, or weathering a storm, Twinsen often found safety there. During his escape from the Citadel, Twinsen was able to hide from inquiring clones and escape up his chimney. Additionally, he found ancient relics left for him by his ancestors underneath his home. The Horn of Gawley and Sendell's Medallion.

Today, Twinsen has a bust of Dr. Funfrock still in his home, which he uses for target practice when throwing tomatos or darts. He also has a two-way radio that allows him to communicate with his good friend, Jerome Baldino, who lives in Port Ludo on Desert Island.


Though approximately the same size as the neighboring buildings, Twinsen's house seems to have several times the floor space that any of them do.


Bug Street
Sendell's Medallion
Horn of Gawley
Van der Rooh's residence


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