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Van der Rooh's residence


Letter from Mies Van der Rooh to Dr. Funfrock:

" My dear and respected Dr. FunFrock, I took the plans of the Teleportation Center home with me, to work on them over the week-end. I will bring them back on Monday. Signed: Mies Van der Rooh, Architect, Bug Street, Citadel Island. "

On Bug Street, neighboring Twinsen's house, is the Van der Rooh residence. Up until recently, Mr. Van der Rooh lived with his son, Mies, who is an architect. The house, itself, is a comfortable one room place, with all the necessities. Rarely seen on Twinsun, it also has a fenced off yard.


Twinsen had little to do with the Van der Rooh's during his first battle against Funfrock. However, Mies unwittingly gave Twinsen his ID card, which allowed Twinsen to access, and eventually destroy, Dr. Funfrock's Teleportation Center of Brundel Island.

Later, during the invasion of the esmers, after Mies had moved away, old Mr. Van der Rooh gave Twinsen a pyramid-shaped key for unlocking the door to Sendell's Ball.


Though the Van der Rooh's are on good terms with Twinsen now, they were untrusting of the quetch initially.


Architect's Pass
Pyramid-shaped key
Bug Street
Mies Van der Rooh
Teleportation Center



Note: For some reason, I can't access ET, as such, I was unable to get the links for the pass and the key. Sorry.
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