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Twinsunica down...

I don't know what the situtation is, but I sent this to [email address]...

I'm the webmaster of and since about 30 hours ago, it seems all the data on it is missing. Accessing any directory gives me a 403 error. I'm also no longer able to log into FTP, and when going to the SQL manager all the data is missing.

Could you please tell me what's going on here? One of the sites stored on there has been worked on by many people for hundreds of hours in total; it would be an outrage if this site turned out to be deleted. You could have at least warned me, and given me a few days to move this website.

I would be really happy to hear if this is just temporary (moving data to other servers?) or if you would at least provide me with recent backups.

Thank you very much in advance for looking into this problem.

Awaiting your kind response,

~Bauke Karel
I haven't made backups in months, so practically all data would be lost if they can't help...
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