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Ferryman's Lane


Ferryman's song inventory description:

If you sing it at the end of the ferryman's wharf, you will see him emerge from the mist and come to offer to take you to another island.

You're at the ferryman's lane.

Of course, it's fairly simple. You have to pay him in gems if you want him to take you. But first you have to call him. To do that, you have to stand at the end of the ferryman's pier and call him with this song. Listen to me and don't forget.
Wannie outside the Wannies Village:

Ah, yes, right. Only thing is, they don't live on this island, sir. You have to go to the wharf and call the ferryman. I've never actually seen him, but this rumor has an air of truth. Ask the Monk, he'll be able to answer you.

The ferryman's lane has received its name from the various legends regarding the ferryman, a mysterious wannie rumored to be an inter-island communication provider around the undergas. In reality, these rumors are actually true, but since very few people know about the actual existance of the ferryman, this wharf is usually rather deserted.
The wharf itself is connected by a small stone bridge to the mainland of the Wannies Island, and is located south to the Wannies Village. A small pier in the middle of the wharf is used for calling upon the ferryman. Whoever sings the Ferryman Song while standing at this little temple will cause the arrival of the mysterious wannie. Once arriving, the ferryman usually docks at the little shore to the west of the temple. He will then charge the traveller a certain fare, and will take him across the Ocean of Fire to the desired destination. This small shore is also used for docking in case the ferryman wishes to unload the traveller.


Having to reach the Mosquibees Island, Twinsen came across teh Wannies Village, where he met Annie, the housemaid of Dark Monk's priest. Being one of the only people who know about the ferryman, Annie was willing to teach Twinsen about the ferryman and how to contact him. After thanking the helpful wannie, Twinsen made his way to the Ferryman's Lane, where he sand the ferryman's song at the small pier. In no time at all, the ferryman has arrived, asking Twinsen for his destianation. Once the quetch has replied and paid the required price, he was taken at the ferryman's little gondola to the Mosquibees.
Later on, when coming back from the Volcano Island, the ferryman used this wharf to dock after bringing Twinsen from the island. When going back to the Mosquibees one final time, Twinsen used this wharf again to call upon the ferryman.


Ferryman's Song


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