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Kashes inventory description:

It is the exchange currency of your planet Twinsun. It allows you to buy the articles you are interested in.
Zlitos inventory description:

It is the exchange currency of planet Zeelich. With it, you can buy the articles you are interested in on planet Zeelich.
Gems inventory description:

The gems are commonly used by the Francos to produce gazogem. But you can use it to pay for the ferryman's services.

Under this category, we can find items used around the two planets as a currency exchange. Whoever wishes to buy an item or pay for a specific service must use these items in order to pay. Obtaining these items varies on the item, although as for the coins, it is common to find them in plants and rubbish cans, while the gems are usually found in the mine at Wannies Island.


During his two adventures, Twinsen found the use of currency items necessary at many points. Whether interested in buying a bonus item, such as life candies or flasks of magic vial, or an item vital to carry on his quests, such as a pick-ax, these currency items were always handy. At one point of his second adventure, when no longer needing a specific currency, he was able to exchange it for the local currency at the Twinsunian souvenir shop.




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