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Sewers (Citadel Island)

I have decided to take control of the Southern Hemisphere, and cover all articles there now.
This is the very last article of Citadel Island:


List with clover boxes locations:

Locations of several clover leaves and boxes: There is a box for clover leaves in the sewers of Citadel island, and another in the basement of the tavern
A note left by the Weather Wizard:

"In the secret room, in the center of the sewers, there is an enchanted globe. The Weather Wizard put it there. According to him, it has to do with the Prophecy of Sendell. I preferred to lock this room : it can be opened only with the small pyramid."
Mies van der Rooh's father:

I am updating the works of my defunct son. Certain plans here date back from the time when he rebuilt the island's network of sewers.
[quote]Here we have a very instructive map of the sewers. Before you can consult it, you must wait until I restore it. For that, I need a vial of gallic acid. Unfortunately, there's none left on the island.[quote]

Yes, that's exactly what I needed. I am going to use it on the map of the sewers.
Rabbibunny worker:

What a pain these sewers! What a stink and I still have oodles of manhole covers to update. Phew!! I have had it up to here!!
Well, I am certain he is not in the sewers, I would have seen him.

The sewers system of Citadel Island runs just underneath Lupin-Burg, and its streets are parallel to the ones of the "upper town". Just like any other sewers system, this system carries down in pipes the waste water of the locals into the sea. Like most of the other sewer systems around the planet, this one also provides the ability to reach specific locations around the sewers. Accessing the sewers is usually possible through grates located at several locations around the island, such as nearby Chez Luc, or at the top of the cliffs.
Most people, however, will find no things of real interest around the sewers. Most streets are rather dull, and even a bit stinky. The only ones likely to be found there are repairmen doing some maintenance work on the sewers. In the middle of the sewers, however, there seems to be a secret room, as it seems imposibble to reach the room, or open the hidden door to it.


During Twinsen's first adventure, the sewers were much smaller than they were before their mass renovation just before his second adventure. The only streets there then were Little Vachond street and Dr. FunFrock's square, to which Twinsen went mainly for consumable bonuses. During his second adventure, however, the sewers were much bigger, and Twinsen paid a visit to the place more than once. The main landmark we can spot at his travels to the sewers is without a shaddow of a doubt finding Sendell's Ball in the secret room at the middle of the sewers, thus enabling him concting Swndell, as well as reaching a higher level of magic.


Dr FunFrock Square
Green Corulla Street
Little Vachond street
Safeguard Street


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