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Teleportation Center painter

A short article about the Teleportation Center painter, I'm really happy that the Twinsunica is back online!


Size: medium
Race: Rabbibunny
Gender: male
Age range: adult


Teleportation Center painter:
It's weird this sign that appears, I paint over it regularly but it comes back every time.
Clever, now there is no longer a sign on the wall.

The Teleportation Center painter, whose name is unknown, was in charge of doing some left painting work for FunFrock’s Teleportation Center. His main task was to paint over the symbol of Sendell that kept reappearing on the wall.


After Mies van der Rooh had hinted on the weak point of the Teleportation Center on the left side of the building, the Teleportation Center painter gave Twinsen the final hint to his way of entrance to the well protected building. Twinsen had to blow the Horn of Gawley in front of the Sendell symbol on the wall in order to get inside the building.


Teleportation Center
Horn of Gawley
Mies van der Rooh


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