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Tralu's cave



Mr. Twinsen! Free me, quick!! I am Raph! You know, the lighthouse keeper!! I've been caught by the Tralü, he wants to turn me into a rabbibunny-melba.
Please, Mr. Twinsen, go get your fetching little costume and your magic ball. Be our hero again! Come back to save me from the Tralü. I'm scared he's gonna eat me!!
Thank you, Mr. Twinsen! I was rehearsing a new tune when this filthy Tralü chewed up my guitar. Besides, it looks like he got others before me!! Well, back to the lighthouse, otherwise I'll get in hot water.

I heard he likes to "seek inspiration" by "The Cliffs of the Woodbridge". That place is dangerous, if half of what I've heard about the Tralü's for real. Don't go if you are unarmed.
Infortunately, he's disappeared, Mr. Twinsen! I hope he hasn't gone on another of his strolls on the cliffs! One of these days it might be nasty, with all these rumors about the Tralü...

Say Twinsen, did you ever see that Tral? They say it's a monster that lives in the cliffs above Lupin-Bourg. If you take a walk up there, don't forget to carry a weapon. I mean your magic ball!
Hey, did you really destroy the Tral? This monster really existed? Hail to you, may you be prosperous and may the Sendells protect your descendants!

Ah, he's disappeared?! Oh, well, I never really liked him! May the Tral take him away!!

Isolated from the centre on the island far away on the cliffs, the Tralu's cave is rumored to be the most dangerous place on Citadel Island. However, none of these rumors are based on real facts, as no person who ever dared venture there came back alive.
The main rumor regarding this cave talks about a monster named the Tralu, which is rumored to kidnap and eat who ever comes by the cave. For this reason, the area around the cave is usually vacant.

In reality, these rumors were actually true. The monster named the Tralu did inhabit at the cave, and after its death, a few rabbibnuny skeletons were found at the place. The tralu's death brang a big relief to the inhabitants of the island.

The cave itself is an extremely big cave, devided into at least three major areas. The first area is a large, spooky room, pretty much empty. The sound of water dropping from the ceiling makes the place even spookier than one can imagine. On first sight the place might look quite safe, but taking a bigger look around results in spotting the most dangerous place around: the Tralu's cell.
The Tralu usually stays inside its cell, and will hardly be seen out of it. It owns the key to the cell though, which means it can easily go in out whenever it wishes to. The cell is blocked by an iron gate, and a natural rock fence.
The next room is as spookier as the first one, and maybe even more. In this room, one may also find deadly bats flying around, venomous snakes just waiting for a target, and sometimes even crabs, hiding in the corners and waiting for people to pass by. And if those are not enough, then dangerous shooting machines will shoot fire balls at any person who dares get even near.
A large platform which leads into the next area of the cave is located at the left of the room, with three ancient ladders attached to it, to enable getting on the platform.
Additionally, an iron gate on top of the platform is blocking the way, and in order to pass through, one must jump over holes and escape the dangers of the room until he reaches a desired lever used to open the gate.
Once in the third area, one is encountered upon two baby Tralus, which he might mistake for being the real Tralus. However, even though hard to defeat, these two Tralus are vital, as they are the holder of two keys used to open the two gates which lead into the very last room of the cave - the Tralu's cell.
Once killing these two baby monsters, the way to the Tralu is seperated only by a few platforms, with dangerous spikes between them. Once jumping from one platform to another until just opening the gate, the person will reach a stone bridge. The black bird flying around the bridge might look innocent, but with a little insouciance, anyone can lose balance and fall to the water by the bird, thus losing one clover leaf.
After crossing the bridge, only one gate seperates between the person and the Tralu. Passing through this gate will result in returning into the first room, straight into the Tralu's cave.


In his searches for Raph, Twinsen heard from quite a few people that the lighthouse keeper might be found in the cliffs area. After searching around the cliffs a bit, Twinsen eventually reached the Tralu's cave, where he found Raph. On Raph's advice, Twinsen went out to grab his magic ball and his ancestral tunic, before advancing in the cave.
After coming back to the cave, Twinsen made his way around the cave, in the way described in details previously. On his way there, he met his old friend Joe the Elf, who was happy to brag in one of his magic tricks.
Once in the Tralu's cell, Twinsen dropped himself down the platform into the floor, only to be encountered by a fire ball fusillade from the Tralu's directon, resulting in him losing quite a few life points. However, the quetch was able to recover quickly, and after a tight and long fight, he was able to finally defeat the infamous Tralu.

Once defeating the moster, Twinsen grabbed the key to the cell where Raph was kept, and freed him. At the entrance to the cave, the quetch was encountered by his loving girlfriend, who gave him a long speach about how disappointed she was. After Twinsen calmed her down, they both went to the lighthouse, where the weather wizard was finally able to cease the storm.


The iron gates in the cave, as well as a few barrels and ladders around the room, might indicate that the cave served for another purpose before the Tralu came in.


Once Twinsen defeated the Tralu, the cave became completely deserted, and served no purpose at all not only for Twinsen, but also for the rest of the inhabitants, who were probably too busy being impressed by the arriving esmers.


Joe the Elf



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