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Pirate flag


Rabbibunny rebel at the Hamalayi Mountains:

I'm with the rebels who are fighting against FunFrock. We are currently trying to cross the Hamalayi mountains. Our leader, Colonel Kroptman, has been taken prisoner. Welcome aboard if you are joining the fight! Go see my friends on Rebellion island. They will let you dock only if you're displaying the proper emblem: a pirate flag with a skull.
When stealing the flag:

You've just stolen a Pirate's Flag.
Inventory description:

Pirate Flag. You can attach it to a boat.
Museum description:

" Skull flag. Pirate emblem belonging to the famous pirate Captain LeBorgne. "

The pirate flag is an emblem used by the Twinsunian rabbibunnies rebelling against FunFrock as a sign of trustworthiness. Whoever wishes to show his good wills, must carry a pirate flag on his ship's mast. Without this flag, anyone who dares getting even near the island will be encountered by a fusillade from the rebels, eventually scaring him away. However, carrying this flag on your ship will be highly approved by the rebels, who will realize the good wills of the visitor.
These flags are pretty rare to achieve, and for that reason they may be considered the emblem of the rebels. These flags were used mainly during the times of the ruthless pirate, LeBorgne.


In his quests of defeating FunFrock, Twinsen realized that joining the rebels at Rebellion Island would be quite worthy. However, when trying to reach the island, Twinsen was encountered by a fusillade from the rebels, which scared him away to the Hamalayi Mountains. There, he met another rebel, who told him that he must retrieve a pirate flag if he wishes to reach the Rebellion Island.
Following the rebel's advice, when robbing the Maritime Museum on Proxima Island, Twinsen managed to steal a pirate flag, which he later hanged upon his catamaran. Once having the flag on, the quetch was able to safely reach Rebellion Island, and join the rebels in defeating the evil tyrant.


Rebellion Island
Maritime Museum


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