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Red Magnetic Card


When receiving the card:

You now have the Red Magnetic Card.
Inventory description:

Red Magnetic Card. It will allow you to open the doors with a red lock.
Rabbibunny at the ski summit:

Use your red card to use the skilift.
Imprisoned rabbibunny:

I can't help you. Except perhaps... considering the risks you've taken, I guess I can trust you. I was arrested on this island, but earlier on I gave a fake red card to my brother who was living on Proxima island. He will give it to you if you say "Amos" to him (the location of the house is now indicated on your Holomap).
She's not being held here. But if you want my red card, go and see my brother. Our house's location is marked on your holomap.
By the way - thanks, I have the red card!
I just discovered a secret passage by using the ACTION command, incredible! Do you like my red card otherwise?

Ah, it's impossible to open it without a red card.
Rabbibunny at Proxim City:

My brother was arrested and the house is under surveillance: phony red card traffic. Wait a minute, how did you get in here? And who are you?
I'm really happy for you, Twinsen! But my brother is being held in FunFrock's headquarters. His cell has a window that is right on the street. If you could tell me how he's doing, I will give you a red card in gratitude.
My brother is in one of the cells that has a window on the street, in FunFrock's headquarters. And you know, if you tell me how he is doing, I'll give you a red card.
No more fake red cards, too dangerous, I quit. From now on, I am only going to make fake Captain LeBorgne secret maps.

The red card is a magnetic card created by a nameless rabbibunny living on Proxima Island, whose speciality is faking such cards. Due to the phony red card traffic, this rabbibunny was arrested, and his brother, who stayed alone in their house, will give such a card to whoever says a special secret word to him.
The card itself is quite small, and is very similar to the Elves Club Blue Card. It enables opening gates on numerous places around the planet, as well as operating the lift at the ski summit at the Hamalayi Mountains.


Wandering around Principal Island, Twinsen has reached the outside of FunFrock's Headquarters, where he met the rabbibunny imprisoned for the phony red card traffic. The rabbibunny told him about his brother, and ordered to tell the word "Amos" to him.
When Twinsen has reached Proxima Island, he paid a visit to the prisoner's brother, which costed him in a few life points, as he first had to defeat the clone guarding the house. Once inside, Twinsen said the secret word to the rabbibunny, and the latter gave the quetch the desired red card.
The first place where Twinsen used the card was the Maritime Museum, where he entered through the side door, since the place was heavily guarded. The quetch later used the card on various places around the planet for opening many kinds of gates, or even for operating the lift at the ski summit.


FunFrock's Headquarters
Ski summit


Hlomap, my little LBA website.
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