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Teleportation Center guard


Size: medium
Race: Quetch
Gender: male
Age range: adult


Teleportation Center guard:

Let me see some identification please!
Go ahead!

The entrance of the well protected Teleportation Center was guarded by a nameless, simple Quetch. His task was to ask visitors for identification and open the Center’s gates for them. He was armed with a simple pistol, but when necessary he was helped by the two shooting robots behind the gates.


The Teleportation Center guard needed to give Twinsen access to the Teleportation Center. Twinsen needed to show Mies van der Rooh’s ID card in order to get entrance to the building. Though the guard did not recognize Twinsen, he would have attacked him in case Twinsen had used his own ID card.


Teleportation Center
Mies van der Rooh’s pass


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