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Temple of Bù


Unknown on Desert Island:
They say that there are treasures hidden in a temple, somewhere in the desert.
To the Temple of Bù.

Years ago, before Funfrock established his dominance over the populace, a temple was built. This was known as the Temple of Bù. Sometime after its abandonment, the Temple was buried in a violent sandstorm, leaving only a ventilation shaft poking a couple feet out of the ground. The true purpose of this temple has been lost to the ages, but to this day it has played an important role in the happenings of Twinsun.


Twinsen's first visit to the Temple of Bù was shortly after he started his crusade against Funfrock. Having obtained knowledge of an old rabbibunny who could help answer questions about the Legend, Twinsen set off to Desert Island. He told Twinsen of the temple and warned him of the dangers lurking within. However, Twinsen would not be stopped in his endeavor. Thus, he braved the traps and pitfalls of the Temple of Bù for the first time.

Hidden inside the temple was the Book of Bù, an ancient book which speaks more of the Legend, the Chosen One (also known as 'the Heir'), the Sendells, and the final confrontation. This hallowed artifact gave Twinsen greater magical strength, and became a major stepping stone in the eventual downfall of Dr. Funfrock.

Since the unearthing of the temple, it had become a tourist spot, where one could take a tour and walk in the footsteps of Twinsen himself. The park, known as Temple Park, opened shortly before the invasion of the Esmers. It is assumed that during the early stages of their invasion, the Esmers quietly began to dispatch troops to the lower, more dangerous, levels of the temple. With this powerful foothold already situated on Twinsun, they could begin landing their shuttles secretly in the hangar located under Bald Mountain. It was here that Twinsun successfully commendeered a shuttle to the Emerald Moon and was subsequently able to rescue Jerome Baldino.


Since the sandstorm, the Temple of Bù seems to exist both in this dimension and another one, in which the entire structure of the temple floats in space upon a small plot of land. Underneath the temple is the largest seal of Sendell, but no one is yet sure of the purpose. This alternate plane remains a large mystery, but so far it appears to be benign.


The Temple of Bù is largely a mystery, for there are many things about it that make one wonder. The first is its purpose. Clearly, we cannot come to any substantial conclusion, but offer ideas as to its reason for being. The first, as one might figure, would be a place of worship. Who would recieve the praise? Most likely, the Sendells, for they have placed their mark upon the whole of the building.

Then we must ask ourselves, who built/used the temple? Our closest guess is a race long forgotten. However, they still help guard the temple itself. While some of the rabbibunny-esque skeletons exist, we instead focus our attention on the statues. The statues sit in rows, and have comparable size differences. They appear very similar to the race of the Francos. Elongated bodies and appendages, each with a gaping mouth in the shape of an 'O'. From these mouths, fireballs erupt, combined with an almost haunting choral echo. Rarely is a statue found alone, so we can assume the creatures had some sort of social understanding, and yet we find that not one particular being was above the rest.

Of course, this leaves many things unexplained. Why are there so many traps within the temple? Are there other temples like this somewhere else on the planet? What sort of happenings went on inside the temple? In time, we may know. For our part, we've tried to shine a bit of light on the possible origins of a place that was found in a moment, could be studied for a lifetime.


Esmer's Base
Legend of Sendell
Book of Bù


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