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Fortress Island - Construction Site


Unknown on Citadel Island:
Sorry, but someone came by for the robot. Apparently, they needed it at a top secret construction site.

During FunFrock's reign, he initially built a stronghold on Fortress Island, neighboring Polar Island. From this secret location, he was able to spread his influence across the world. After he learned of the power that the Sendells could instill in him, he began to dig toward the center of Twinsun. Additionally, he also started to build an extention of his fortress toward Polar Island. Due to Twinsen's interference, he was unable to finish what he had started building.


The third runic stone, the Stone of Septentrion, could not be destroyed, so Dr. FunFrock built his fortress on top of it, in an attempt to hide it. Twinsen, however, found the stone and used its powers to destroy the surrounding structure. This granted him passage to the final road leading to Polar Island. This road, the construction site, was guarded by both construction workers and clones. What they were building, it is uncertain, but Twinsen's goal was not to stop the workers, but to stop FunFrock. This was the final leg of Twinsen's assault against FunFrock and his tyranny.


The construction site extends from the rear of FunFrocks fortress all the way around the Well of Sendell. Like the runic stones, the well was impervious to his attempts at destroying it. So, he may have been building a fortress to envelop the entirety of the well, similar to his fortress around the third runic stone.


Polar Island
Well of Sendell
FunFrock's Secret Fortress


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