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Polar Island


Size: Medium
Type: Green
Transportation: On Foot or Dino-Fly (presumably)



Polar Island

Good day. Let's see, you can talk to me and you're wearing the Medallion of Sendell: you must be the Heir! I've been waiting for you for centuries and I've got a backache so we'll go carefully. The Hamalayi mountains are too high for me but I can lead you through this entire hemisphere, except for Polar island: it is too well guarded by FunFrock. Where do you want to go?
Sphero on Tippett Island

Your hydroglider is great! But you won't make it to Fortress island or to Polar island with it. They are isolated by the currents, no ship can find them. You need a Dino-Fly to go there.

Located at the northern pole of Twinsun is Polar Island, the gateway to the Well of Sendell. Surrounded by a myriad of smaller isles, the island appears to be a large crater filled with water. In the middle of this basin, a spire juts out of the water, scraping the sky. The construction that FunFrock planned has severely damaged the island and its natural inhabitants. As such, it has been slow to recover.


This was the final island Twinsen visited while removing FunFrock from power. His teleportation, mutation, and cloning facilities in shambles, FunFrock made Polar Island his last stand. The majority of the island had been excavated for construction, but the project was shutdown after FunFrock's defeat. It is unknown if any Esmers ever set foot on Polar Island.


Construction Site
Fortress Island
Well of Sendell



When writing this, I assumed that the large 'ring' around the Well of Sendell was Polar Island. So, if you were to look on the holomap, most of the giant blob on top of the world. I did this because there's no real line where Fortress Island ends and Polar begins. Furthermore, I believe that when you are in the construction site, it says you're on Polar Island (I'm not entirely sure on that though, someone might want to find out). If so, we should move the 'Construction Site' page from Fortress to Polar Island.

Also, I was thinking of another catagory for our encyclopedia. 'Events'. In other words, events that changed the face of Twinsun or Zeelich, but perhaps didn't directly relate to Twinsen himself. For example; The Rise and Fall of Dr. FunFrock, The Reintroduction of Magic (since it seemed almost non-existant in the first game, besides Twinsen himself), The Landing of the Esmers, and a couple other things. If you think this is a good idea, let wacko know and it'll be implemented. If you think it'd just be repeating what's been said elsewhere, then we don't need it.
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