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Well of Sendell


Stone of Septentrion:

I am the stone of the Septentrion. The Well of Sendell is located at the summit of the rocky peak that is at the center of Polar island. Only the Heir can break the seal that bars the entrance.

Well of Sendell (Polar island)

The Well of Sendell is a shaft that leads down to the core of Twinsun, where the Sendells live. It is only accessable by breaking the Seal of Sendell at the summit of the central mountain on Polar Island. Rough hewn stone marks the greater part of the shaft until one reaches the final chamber before entering the core. This room is a long hallway, with tall pillars, and a magic globe.


After throwing FunFrock from the summit of the mountain, Twinsen used the Horn of Gawley to break the seal, and enter the well. As he descended, Zoé also came with him, until they reached the final chamber. It was then that FunFrock caught up with them, sword drawn, ready to kill both of the quetches. Twinsen destroyed FunFrock and entered the core with Zoé, where they met the entity known as 'Sendell'. Sendell granted them powers to cleanse Twinsun of Dr. FunFrock's taint, and thus Twinsun was saved.


Horn of Gawley


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