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Don't worry morshem, I do read everything here. Sorry for the lack of updates from my side, but there's simply not much to tell: I'll rewrite the Twinsunica code when I have time for it. I have a project going on for 1½ more weeks, I'm really busy until it's finished.

I'm really glad to see this project is still going. Don't worry too much about the website, everything posted here will be added eventually.

The construction site is on polar island, but in the game it functions as bridge between fortress and polar island. Check it out the map I attached, you can see the piece of land connecting the islands, I assume that is part of the construction site. After all, the construction site connects the fortress with the Well of Sendell, which is at the absolute northern pole.

Events aren't really suitable indeed. It's an encyclopedia, not a history book. Like morshem said, events could be added to existing items.

D`Sparil, lovely articles
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