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Principal Island - FunFrock's Headquarters



Dr FunFrock's headquarters (Principal island)

Dr. FUNFROCK's headquarters. Access IS FORBIDDEN!

I was arrested for sneezing in public, it's ridiculous! There's also, however, a forger in the cell to the right of general headquarters.

The plans for this center are in FunFrock's personal safe. In his headquarters on Principal island. But to get in you must be able to defeat the Supergros (the nurses equipped with tablet launchers!).

Surrounded by the harbour, ruins, library, and the Old Burg, Dr. FunFrock's headquarters was the tyrant's powerbase on the Southern Hemisphere. The large building was, quite possibly, the most heavily guarded site on all of the Southern Hemisphere during FunFrock's rule. A pair of armed quetch clones marched the streets, sometimes assisted by a tank. The front walkway leading up to the building was guarded by a machine gunner, a rabbibunny clone, and a armored turret. Additionally, mines and barbed wire were placed on the grounds and trenches dug for troops to fire from. All that was before one could set foot inside.

With good cause, FunFrock kept his headquarters well guarded. While on the outside it was a display of his power, on the inside was a warehouse for his secrets. All the more reason to beef up security. In addition, he kept prisoners there, though no one is certain why they were not shipped to the Citadel.


Twinsen was able to gather valuable information from Dr. FunFrock's headquarters. During the early part of his mission, Twinsen learned a secret password from one of the prisoners; "Amos". This enabled him to get a red card from the prisoner's brother on Proxima Island. And later, he was able to find out where he could obtain access to the teleportation center. Additionally, he stole FunFrock's sabre, which he ultimately used to defeat the dictator in the final confrontation.


FunFrock's Sabre
Red Magnetic Card


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