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Principal Island - Harbour



Welcome to Principal Island.

Principal Island's harbour is usually the first stop for those visiting from Citadel Island. While some space his devoted to storage, the rest is an ideal stroll for those who love the sea. The great inflow of passengers even caused a lapse in Dr. FunFrock's security, as the clones would just wave by anyone who got off the boat. The harbour also features a small detention area and a ticket office.


When Twinsen first escaped from the Citadel, and left Citadel Island, he took the ferry to Principal Island. While nothing of great importance ever occured in the harbour, the lax security near the drop-off area allowed Twinsen easy access to the interior of the island. Of course, for Twinsen to ride the ferry, he had to have a ferry ticket, which was often counterfeit.


Ticket office
Ferry captain
Ferry ticket



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