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Principal Island - Harbour: Ticket office


Ticket seller:

A ferry ticket costs 10 kashes. However as I have a WANTED poster in my office, you will have to pay 30 Kashes to make me overlook the fact that you look a lot like the guy on it.

Connecting the upper and lower portions of the harbour is the ticket office. The building itself is large, though the counter from which one buys a ticket is ironically small. A rather unscrupulous quetch runs the counter, as his love for money appears greater than his love for his state.


Twinsen did not have the luxury of obtaining counterfeit tickets while on Principal Island. As such, when he needed one, he got it here, at the ticket office. The quetch running the stand noticed that he looked like the picture on his Wanted poster (which in fact featured Twinsen). So, he charged Twinsen triple the cost of a normal ticket.


Once Inter-Island Ferry started their services, it is likely they moved their personel as well. It is possible that the quetch running the ticket office on Principal Island moved to the Inter-Island Ferry offices on Citadel Island.


Ferry ticket


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