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Proxima City - M. Lanktir's Residence


Sphero in front of Maritime Museum:

Well, well. It seems that you too have found an authentic secret map of Captain LeBorgne! Do me a favor would you? Give Lanktir, who lives next to the bazaar, back his coffee pot. I'm so ashamed, I should have given it back long ago.
M. Lanktir:

If you give me back my coffee maker, I'll give you a list of certain places where you can find a rare plant and some boxes. And don't ask me where I found this list!

M. Lanktir gave you his list.

Coffee Pot. You must return it to one Lanktir who lives next to the bazaar on Proxima island.

Directly across from Proxim-City's harbour is an area enclosed by a gate. Within this courtyard is a bazaar and the residence of one M. Lanktir. The house itself is very standard with a kitchen area, a set of table and chairs, and a bed.


During Twinsen's quest for Captain LeBorgne's treasure, he was given these instructions which were found in the captain's diary:

"To find Captain LeBorgne's treasure, the voyager who arrives at the port of Proxima island must use the closest mooring post as a guide. With his back to the docked boats, he must follow these instructions in DISCREET mode: 6 steps to the North (straight ahead), then 6 steps to the East (to his right), following the gradual slope. 2 steps to the North (straight ahead) until he reaches the metal garbage can, 3 steps to the East (to his right) until he arrives at a light post. He must stand EXACTLY between the 2 lamp posts, and then take 8 steps to the North until he arrives at a gate. Captain LeBorgne's treasure is in the building behind the gate."
If he completed each step of this, he would meet a sphero who would give him Lanktir's coffee pot. Twinsen, then, was able to return the pot to Lanktir and recieve a list that held the locations of clovers and clover boxes.


Coffee pot
List with clover box locations


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