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Principal Island - Harbour: Prison


Mister, mister! There's a loose stone in the back wall. I might be able to escape.
Prison Nurse:
A loose stone? Let me see that.
Patrolling Guard:
What are you doing there, who are you?

Across the harbour from the ferry dock is the Principal Island prison. This is a small room divided in two, one half being the cell, the other half being for the on-duty nurse. There are two cots inside the cell. There is a storage locker for prisoner belongings and a desk for interrogations.

Just outside the building is a walkway that goes along the water. Also, a bench for sitting is backed against the building, just to the right of the door.


While FunFrock was in command, he had several prisons made to detain those who were deviant. One such prison was found in Principal Island's harbour, adjacent to the ticket office. Here, Twinsen was able to trick the nurse into believing there was a loose stone, through which he would escape. When the nurse came to inspect the wall, Twinsen knocked him out, took back his belongings, and fled out the side window.

Once outside, he was seen by a quetch clone patrolling the area. When asked what he was doing there, Twinsen claimed he was fixing the TV antennas. Satisfied, the clone continued on down the street. As a futher precautionary measure, whenever a person was being held in this prison, a Supergro was waiting just outside the door, ready to "escort" the escapee back into custody.


Quetch Clones
Doctors and Nurses


"Hmmm... Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both... Might be able to tell you something about it... expensive, though... maybe 100 Zlitos... and maybe 'cause it's you." - Eccentric Captain of the Leontine

"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal
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