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Principal Island - Old Burg: Bazaar


Welcome, dear customer! I don't have any more cherry flavored syrup, but there is a pharmacy open on Citadel Island. Move in front of the item that interests you and use the ACTION command.
Ha, ha! You too are looking for his treasure? Well, I sure once had an old dusty book about LeBorgne, but a customer bought it this morning. It was a rabbibunny. I know that he works over at the library.
Tavern owner:
LeBorgne! Since he didn't know how to read, he had his cook write the Captain's log. I know that it is for sale at the bazaar next door.

Located on the second level of the Old Burg is the bazaar. Next door to the tavern, the bazaar seems to run out of the very thing you want, just as you are looking for it. Per usual, there is gas, magic power, life powder, and meca-penquins for sale. This particular bazaar seems to have rarities pass through it now and again, so collectors should be watchful of what is currently for sale as to not be forced to waste time searching elsewhere.


While all the bazaars were veritable safe-havens for Twinsen where he could refill his life or energy if need be, this bazaar doubled as a source of information. Notably, the owner told Twinsen where he could get some cherry syrup and later, the location of Captain LeBorgne's log.


Bottle of syrup
Flasks of magic powder
Life candy


"Hmmm... Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both... Might be able to tell you something about it... expensive, though... maybe 100 Zlitos... and maybe 'cause it's you." - Eccentric Captain of the Leontine

"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal

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