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Principal Island - Old Burg: Julia's House



We don't trust people easily here. Prove that you don't work for FunFrock, clobber a clone!
I've got to tell you something. It's awful! My best friend (Beatrice) is in love with Steven. But Paul, Steven's half brother, left Cindy when Linda got out of the clinic after her bobsleigh accident. But not for Linda, for Tatjana! Only Serge (who secretly admires Steven) has been trying for months to win the love of Tatjana who refuses to talk to Christy since she died. All the while Stephanie - who remarried Serge - discovered the letter from Paulina in which she explained where was the box of clover leaves left behind by Roy. So, evidently, Beatrice wonders if Linda knows about the accident. You get all that?
Go see Beatrice and tell her that Julia sent you. She'll explain all that better than I can. She lives on the outskirts of the Old Burg, in a house next to the sea, on Peg Leg Street.

Located on the ground level of the Old Burg is Julia's house. She owns a big screen television which she watches religiously. Otherwise, her house is relatively normal.


While Julia said a lot, she and her house had little impact on Twinsen's adventures. She informed him that in order to gain the trust of the Old Burg citizenry he had to prove that he wasn't an agent of FunFrock. Also, after her trust had been won, she told him a long winded story which was ultimately about a clover box, located on an islet off Peg Leg Street.


Peg Leg Street
Clover leaves


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