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Principal Island - Old Burg: Locksmith's House


If you already know about that passage, I can open the unguarded door for you. After you!
The passage will only open when you come from my cousin's house. Now stop rummaging everywhere!

The only locksmith on the whole of the southern hemisphere can be found in the Old Burg. His shop/home can be found on the first level, between the top of the stairs and the gate to the second level. Inside are various goods used for making keys, and an assortment of already completed keys hanging on the wall. Also, there is a secret one-way passage that connects the locksmith's house and his cousin's house.


After gaining the trust of the Old Burg populace, Twinsen began the long trek of reaching the astronomer, Bob Vortix. One leg of the journey required him to meet the locksmith's cousin, whom took Twinsen into his own house. By 'washing his hands' Twinsen opened a secret passageway that lead to the locksmith's house. Upon exiting the passage, the locksmith realized that Twinsen was in contact with his cousin, and therefore would help him by unlocking the unguarded gate leading to the second level of the Old Burg.


Locksmith's Cousin's house (any better wording?)
Bob Vortix



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