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Hey y'all. I'm still around morshem, always will be, I just write when I have time or am inspired to do so. (Or someone tells me to). Anyway, I will tell you what happened to this project. For a while, it was good. Things were running smoothly and most problems were worked out. Then came a key location on Citadel Island, the bridge that goes over the path leading to the harbor. Know of it? Yeah. Quite prominent in everyone's mind, no doubt. What happened was the computer would not allow a player's character to pass under the bridge into the harbor. This posed a problem as I wanted to create a map as similar to the original as I possibly could. After struggling with this issue for a time, I gave up. It was too difficult to create a "teleporting" trigger that would warp you to the harbor. Since then, the file was formatted along with the rest of my harddrive. I'd like to work on it again sometime, but first I'd like to get the WC3 expansion working again (my cd is shot, so I need a new one).
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