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Principal Island - Old Burg: Stable



Good day, young quetch.
One of my colleagues was galloping at full speed across the White Leaf Desert and he said that he saw someone locked up in a grotto, behind a giant symbol of some kind.

Facing the southern coast of Prinicipal Island is the stable. This elongated building is rather remarkable in different ways. The first being that it is the largest single structure within the Old Burg. It is nearly twice the size of any other locale (besides the Astronomers home). Additionally, it sits snuggly between the second and third tiers of the city (assuming the ground is the first tier). Outside of the obvious purpose of holding horses, it is not known if this building has ever served other uses.


The stables did not play an intregal role in Twinsen's adventure. In fact, the only benefits he ever received from here were discarded life candies, magic powder, and an occasional clue from the resident horse.


Strangely enough, the horse receives a message from his colleague in the White Leaf Desert without ever leaving the stables. Additionally, no one can talk to animals besides Twinsen. It is a wonder how this message reached the horse when it is apparent that neither made the effort to visit the other in person.


Grotto in White Leaf Desert
Joe the Elf


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