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When getting the proto-pack in LBA 1:

You now have the Proto-Pack.
LBA 1 invenory description:

Proto-Pack. It is controlled with the arrow keys.
When getting the proto-pack in LBA 2:

You just found the Proto-Pack. Put it on and you'll fly a few inches above the ground.
LBA 2 inventory description:

It was designed by Jerome Baldino. In order to fly above water, you must approach at a low angle. Otherwise, you will sink with your Proto-Pack.
Jerome Baldino:

I've been working on a Jet-Pack prototype for days now. It's a small reactor that harnesses onto your back and allows you to fly about. My problem is that my last test flight wreaked a bit of havoc on the garden wall. It is rather difficult to fine tune the motor's power. I need a rheostat like the one you find in a hair dryer. Do you think you can find one of those for me?
Well it's not a Jet-Pack yet, it's still just a Proto-Pack. I would appreciate it if you could test it out to see how it works. You should be able to fly over the water if you approach it from a gently sloping beach. But don't jump! Will you test it for 10 Kashes?
How's the Proto-Pack coming along? Keep testing, I have a bunch of calculations to finish up. And be careful when approaching water: you can only fly by coming in from a gently sloping beach.
I've been working on a Jet-Pack prototype for days now. It's a small reactor that is harnessed on the back and allows its user to fly about. My problem is that my latest flight test wreaked havoc on my Southern wall. So I'd like to borrow the rheostat in your hair dryer to fine tune the power of the motors (from looking at your hairdo, I don't think you really need the dryer, anyway). And if that works, I will have a job offer for you.
Hello! Twinsen? Baldino here! How are you? Looks like this transmitter works! If you swing by, I have a portable radio to give you. Also, I will have the proto-pack finished soon. It will allow you to fly in complete safety. Over.
I could've called it an "integrated super dynamo circuitry mechanism" but I decided to go with "portable radio". A little catchier, huh? Incidentally, I'll let you know when the Proto-Pack is ready, it'll let you fly around in complete safety.
Of course, but I will need this gazogem sooner or later. Besides, it will allow me to transform your protopack and increase its performance.
You must go get me some gazogem, so that I can finish to repair our vessel and make your protopack more powerful!!
Thanks, Twinsen. Now I can finish up on the ship. I'll buzz you on the radio as soon as I do the protopack.
Hey there, don't forget my gazogem. I really need it to repair the vessel. And I think you'll really appreciate what it does to your protopack.
Thank you, Twinsen. Now I can make us a ship that can race the comets! Anyway, here's something to turn your protopack into a superjetpack. and from now on, you can fly higher!
Come in! Twinsen? It's me, Baldino! I've improved your protopack, you can come pick it up now!

No, Baldino left a little earlier for the emerald moon, where he'd noticed something was wrong. He left the proto-pack in working order downtown at the baggage claim, where you can pick it up.
It seems Baldino is working on the proto-pack, maybe he's trying to improve it?
When getting the Super-Jetpack:

Jerome just gave you the super-jetpack. It will allow you to reach places you couldn't get to using the proto-pack.
Super-Jetpack inventory description:

It was put together by Jerome Baldino. It allows now you to access new locations and to follow some grades that were impracticable with the proto-pack.
Gazogem inventory description:

After you give it to Jerome, this can of gazogem will allow your friend to turn your proto-pack into a super-jetpack.

As Jerome Baldino explained to Twinsen when they first met, the proto-pack is a small reactor that goes upon one's back, and practically enables the person flying a few inches above the ground. As this is really a one-of-a-kind device, it is considered extremely powerful, and the owner of which can truly use it for his own advantage.
The process of making the proto-pack was kept secret by Baldino, and it is unknown how he built the device. All that is known, is that in order to fine tune to motor's power, a rehostat like the ones found in hairdryers is needed.
The proto-pack that was used in Twinsen's adventures is red coloured, with a dark-grey base. It is rather small, and suits perfectly to the back of an average quetch. No usage of other species was reported on the proto-pack, though.


Looking for the desired treausre of Leborgne during his first adventure, Twinsen has arrived to Proxima Island, where he met, for the first time, the scientist grobo Jerome Baldino. Jerome has introduced himself to Twinsen as a creator of "miscellaneous Gadgets and inventions", and told the quetch about his latest invention: the proto-pack. After obtaining a hairdryer, on Baldino's request, Twinsen was awarded with the proto-pack, along with 10 kashes he receievd for testing it.
The main use Twinsen had for the proto-pack, was at the Maritime Museum of Proxima Island. Since the alarm of the museum was on, Twinsen must have used the proto-pack, as the slightest step on the floor would sound the alarm, and in to time two clones would come there to beat him. After flying his way to the treasure at the end of the museum, Twinsen was eventually able to steal the key, and exit the museum before anyone noticed.
Another use for the proto-pack in the first adventure, was on Peg-Leg street at Principal Island. As Julia and Beatrice explained to him, Twinsen had to fly to island nearby the street, and thus get the clvoer box that was there.
Abother two useful places for the proto-pack were Desert Island's mooring point, where Twinsen used it in order to get straight to the mainland and back (as opposed to jumping from rock to rock), and in Dino-Fly Street at Tippett Island, trying to avoid the giant crab swimming in the water.

After the end of his first adventure, Twinsen gave the proto-pack back to Baldino, most likely because he thought he won't need it any more. Either way, Jerome has promised the quetch to fix and improve the proto-pack, and enable it to fly even higher.
However, it did take some time in Twinsen's second adventure until he managed to get the proto-pack. Only when he had to get the pearl of incandescence was he required to use this flying machine, as the spikes in the cave where the pearl was did not enable him reaching the pearl. But by that time, Baldino was already far away, on the Emerald Moon.
Since he knew Twinsen would need the proto-pack sooner or later, Jerome Baldino has left it for the quetch in the Baggage Claim building at Lupin-Burg. Once there, Twinsen had to solve a couple of puzzles, that included directing a crates-mover and pushing the crate along the lane, before the grobo in charge of the Baggage Claim could open the box for him. Twinsen then had the desired proto-pack, and was able to get to the Pearl of Incandescence.

Two planets later, after they crashed on Zeelich, Baldino has asked Twinsen to get him a can of gazogem, so that he could upgrade the proto-pack into a Super-Jetpack. Even though he was displeased with the request (as he was in a hurry to Island CX), Twinsen was eventually required to get the gazogem from the Gazogem Refinery (see Can of Gazogem), as he needed the super-jetpack in order to reach Otringal's Upper City, and meet Johnny Rocket there. Once getting Jerome the gazogem can, Twinsen immediately had the super-jetpack, that enabled him flying both higher and faster. Twinsen could still use the normal proto-pack, although it was no longer necessarry.


Super Jet-Pack
Jerome Baldino
Jerome Baldino's Residence
Baggage Claim
Can of Gazogem


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