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I don't visit the MBN as often as I should anymore, and I usually don't get much further than the offtopic forum. I never read the "Active Topic" either. Sorry I didn't notice this thread earlier.
Originally Posted by morshem
Actually, I PMed wacko about a month ago, asking him to send me the fiels that need to be fixed so that I'll try fixing them myself. And he didn't even reply
Sorry, I read that when I was in a hurry and forgot about it.

I'm not interested in giving out source code, the current code is a mess anyway and I should rewrite it. I know I shouldn't cling on to my code, but I won't make it available for others (to help developing) in the current state.

Currently I am less busy than before and will try to do my best. I also have other projects though, and it's not easy to make a fair division, since other work might (simply put) make me money where the Twinsunica does not.

I don't mind you people reminding me (so thanks for this topic), as I see it as a motivating gesture .
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