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Dinglebats and gobbledegook

Dinglebats and gobbledegook
I'm not sure but I think I'm gonna puke
Is it destiny or perhaps only a fluke?
Wait, didn't there used to be a member called Luke?

Will build a toy
And fill the boy
With thoughts of the guild, ahoy!
Wait, is he a yid or goy?

Neener neener neener,
I think my butthole's cleaner
And my waist is leaner
Plus I have a bigger wiener
Could I get any meaner?
I attacked someone in Pasadena
But I got off on a misdemeanour
Now I work as a window cleaner

My abs may be chiseled
But my ears are grizzled
So much that I can't hear the drizzle
That's falling out there in the hizzle

"Why do police hate niggers?
Cause they think our dicks are bigger"
He said and gave a snigger
All the while with his hand on the trigger

Don't you talk to me about Napster
I think I'll go have a nap, sir
You're a sap, cur!
It was all just a trap, durr!
Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist
there's no room for subtleties, which are so important in personalities such as mine.
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