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Twinsen LBA1 Crash problem

I'm running LBA1 on a 166 MHz Pentium MMX with 32 MB RAM, with MS-DOS 6.00 (no Windows whatsoever!), a Soundblaster AWE32 sound card. The MEM command shows I have 615K free conventional memory, 13K free upper memory, and over 31 Megs XMS or EMS memory (I know LBA1 doesn't use EMS memory). I ran MemMaker (I read other threads that say it doesn't help and may make things worse).

Relentless boots OK and runs fine with music and sound UNTIL Twinsen acquires an inventory item. When the 'bwong' sounds and Twinsen starts flapping his arms the program immediately crashes and either freezes with graphic trash on the bottom of the screen or the computer reboots. I'm using the latest SB16/AWE32 group driver set for DOS downloaded from Creative Labs, the sound card setup utility says everything is OK, and other programs run fine. Following instructions in the LBA readme.txt I tried REMing out the EMM366.EXE in my Config.sys file but it still crashes at the same point. The game runs FINE with sound and music turned off, so it seems to be a problem with with sound card/memory. It should work with the AWE32 card but it can't seem to get past adding an inventory item.

Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Is it a bug? Is there an official patch for LBA1? (not the wonderful patch to run it in Windows). Would upgrading MS-DOS to Version 6.22 (if I can find it) help at all?
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