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New efforts! :)
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Edit: It was really nice =) Lovely to walk in a world that I´ve never walked in a hundred times before
Maybe the "puzzles" are a little the easy side, but it´s a demo, and it´s looking good.
It's a demo, and it's the beginning of the game, it shouldn't be too hard!

Thought I'd just let you know that it works with DosBox. Good job, It's looking promising .
Well, that's good news! Thanks!

And in DosBox, I don't have the sound issue (granted, the sound doesn't play at all except for the music because I didn't configure it right ). But I recorded a nice little video of the demo which is currently uploading to YouTube available now.
Awesome! Thank you a lot Kobold!

Come on guys, keep it coming!

Take a look at the blog!

LBA:LID Demo v1.0 HERE
Report bugs here! Thanks Alexfont!
Take a look at Vindish's mod!
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