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First of all I've registered just to comment on this thread.

I think this project is amazing. I've firstly watched youtube videos and was shocked.
If LBA3 was ever created, this is how I'd like it to look in terms of graphic and design. Ofc, some more complex models would look nicer, but this is sufficient.

I really appreciate, that you work on this. It's soo cool. It brings back all the best memories.

I've played it for like 30 minutes, didn't manage to finish yet.

There's a lot of issues with the game tho. As I love the project, I hope you can use some of this feedback to improve the build.

1. Window issues
- App launches as windowed, and I can't manage to force it to go into fullscreen. Switching in options does not make window go fullscreen. If I change it to fullscreen tho I don't see mouse anywhere then. So it kinda acts like fullscreen, but it still runs in a small window.
- Even if I click out of window the game still runs and follows the controls. I even managed to restart the game and overwrite my save by accident, because I paused the game and then wrote something on chat. After pressing few buttons in proper order i launched new game on the old save.

I'm running win7x64

2. Settings
- IMO more options should be available while playing. I know things like shadows, resolution etc tends to be buggy, but music volume and fullscreen mode or even controlls could be accessable.

3. Controls
- They are not as intuitive, as I expected, not a bad thing, tho. You can get used to it after some time. But there's a major problem with how the run is being initialized. It takes too much time before the character actually starts running, it's frustrating to wait. Also aiming could be solved better. Maybe involve more mouse targetting? I know LBA had similiar system as this game does, but it somehow felt better there. Also, you can change the movement direction while in air, makes no sense. It also frustrates me how you can change the angle with mouse inside buildings. Allowing 90 degrees change makes not much sense. Either disable it or allow full 360 view.

4. Room design
- Some rooms tend to be designed in a way that will allow you character to get stuck for couple of seconds, until you get a proper angle and jump or something. I even managed to drop the key in the place I couldn't reach.

5. Enemies
- Sometimes when soldiers with turret attack you, you may get in a position where you can get stuck and do nothing till death. If you get too close to the enemy and you get hit this may cause you to lose all health. They can shoot faster than your animation resets, putting you in a dance of pain. Also they tend to block each other, and you can stack few enemies running after you and then still kill them one by one with a ball, easily.

Once again - I love this project, it's sooooo cool. I just hope it's gonna get better and better. I know this is early build, hopefully next ones will be much more polished!
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