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Thanks for all the feedback ! I've started a list with your comments and will work on an update soon.

About the controls I was thinking of adding an "original lba controls", to play like in the original games.

About the key falling between the to boxes : this was an issue I noticed during testing, but I thought it was a minor one (I'm lazy sometimes). I was hoping, nobody will notice...

About the jump : I also don't really like how you have to wait before a jump but I choose to keep the original animation. Since there is not many jumps involve in the game, I wonder if it's really important (tell me).

About the out of focus windows keeping the link with the controls : Wow ! I never thought about will definitely be updated.

About the interior camera : I really didn't know how to solve that problem. Having a locked camera is not a problem if you play with an analog stick but with the keyboard, it makes aiming very difficult. Allowing the camera to go 360, can be an option, but the interiors will need to be build in a different manner (that will lose a little of lba spirit). So I don't know.

By the way, My main objective when making this, was not to have a perfect gameplay. I think as a fangame the most important is to fit to the original game spirit.

Thanks again all of you!
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