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Hi Jesse,

Rain Waltz - I really enjoyed this piece. I loved the interplay and polyphony of the parts, and the mode you first use at 0:33 which also returns about three quarters of the way in, which isn't in the "regular" main key signature. On that note, I appreciated the somewhat unexpected key change/climb at 2:09. I must say having a real pianist play your work makes a huge difference, and gives your compositions the sound they truly deserve! But I understand how impractical it can be to record a real piano (in terms of space / depending on our living situation.)

Oceanide - This was also enjoyable, once I got used to the sampled piano. It would be interesting to see this receive the treatment of a live player who is utilising full dynamic and sonic range of an acoustic instrument! This wasn't my favourite of the shared pieces at first because of how the instrument sound affects the slower sections, but from about 1:13 with all the flourishes and harmonic choices it won me over. I'm sure a new expressive performance may make all the difference for me. But for others it probably won't make so much of a difference and this is good as it is.

Flower Waltz - This is also lovely. Because it is somewhat more intricate and playful and 'busy' than the above piece, it seems to matter less that it is a sampled piano. Beautiful work! (It also reminds me of a piano waltz I had to learn for Grade 5, in my distant memory...But I can't quite remember the name.)

Sundown For Arabia - Great! Fantastic epic feel, and I always like the use of this scale. You know the use of the sounds you've got going on here is making a comeback? People are purposefully using software from the period to capture a certain mood. I can see this having a whole new lease of life should a fresh release of it be pushed. ;-) Reminds me of video game soundtracks I love.

Create This World - I agree with Roy. This is close in mood to certain LBA pieces, particularly the LBA1 opening. Really enjoyed it and, like the above piece, the way it reminded me of certain game soundtracks.

The Girl in the Blue Forest - This was very sweet. I like the chord sequence and the winding flute-like synth melody. It's atmosphere was so childlike and lovely to inhabit. My only struggle was with the drum loop at times - but that is surely a taste thing.

Thank you so much for sharing these. I have now subscribed to your YouTube channel. ;-)

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