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New storyline discussion

So basically, the old storyline wasn't really all that good, so I got an idea/proposal for the new storyline.

Basically, FunFrock is gone. Peace has returned to Twinsun. However, the decades of isolation between the two hemisphere are starting to have their toll. Two different regimes develop in the two hemisphere, while the Hamalayi mountains serve as the border, akin to the German-German border during the Cold War or the current Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in real life.
In the north, a King of Twinsun has been crowned, and is running a heavily industrialized regime with larger cities. The non-city architecture is mostly in East Asian style due to the large numbers of immigrants from the northern Hamalayi mountains. The northern peoples hold that the King of Twinsun is a descendant of the Sendells.
In the south, the current Dean of the School of Magic, finally coming out of secrecy after years of oppression by FunFrock, becomes the Grand Chief of Twinsun (the title is to be further discussed), with self-government by the people but the Wizards taking up government role during emergencies (we see that in action in LBA 2 as the School of Magic handles the Esmer kidnappings emergency). Most non-city architecture is western-style (as we see in LBA 1 and LBA 2), and people focus more on agriculture and magic than industry, though some industyr does exist. The cities are not as large as those in the north.

So here begins the story. In the south, the dean of the School of Magic retires and a new dean gets elected by the Wizards. At the same time, in the north, the King has passed away and his son, Angus Nizeda has succeeded him. The Grand Chief is in hopes of being able to discuss Twinsunian reunification with the King, but one day, a ship with colors similar to those of the southern navy is seen in northern waters, which the King interprets as the south having breached the border and trying to invade the north, despite the south's reassurance that no such thing was done and that no vessel was sent by the south to the north. The King declares war against the south.
At the same time, the King has abrogated the predecessor's peaceful regime and is starting to run a more and more isolationist, self-reliant and oppressive regime, a regime that is more and more reminiscent of FunFrock's dictatorship that was just deposed. This sparks a rebellion, or better, THE Great Rebellion on Brundle Island. At the same time, tensions with the south are escalating, with the actual start of war looking more and more imminent.

Twinsen has retired to his new Citadel Island house with Zoé, where he's living a peaceful life, hoping that the troubles don't escalate into armed conflict. But that comes to an end when the Grand Chief contacts him for help. A small island between Principal Island and the southern Hamalayi mountains has been shelled by newly installed northern artilley on the central peaks of the Hamalayi mountains - the very same peaks from which FunFrock's army was shelling Rebellion Island years before (which we see in action as the bombs raining on Rebellion Island in LBA 1).

Now, this is as far as I've been able to come up. Some things have to be discussed.
1. It is my intent to show the original monarch of north Twinsun as being a benevolent and peaceful monarch.
I envision the Twinsunian division as occurring peacefully, on agremeent of both leaders as an interim solution until the north-south cultural differences that arose out of decades of FunFrock-imposed separation, are ironed out.
I also want to propose that the initial, benevolent monarch of the north is the Queen of Twinsun as opposed to a King, we could call her, say, Maxine Nizeda (née Dal'eiid or something - I just came up with this last name using the LBA 2 name Ker'aooc as inspiration), crowned Queen Maxine I. of Twinsun. Then she passes way and is succeeded by her son, Angus Nizeda (he is carried over from the original storyline), King Angus I. of Twinsun.
But I'd like to see what you guys think of how this should be developed.
2. In the south, the School of Magic, and with it, magic itself, is shown to having an ever more prominent role. This serves to explain why they're basically the government in LBA 2.
But this is all under discussion.
An idea would be to separate the leader of Twinsun and the dean, maybe introduce the Damalalaï we've seen in LBA 3 concept art, and maybe make him the leader of Twinsun, much like the Dalai Lama is the leader of Tibet in real life.
But this all needs to be fleshed out further.

Basically, this is a radical departure from the original storyline. The original storyline was basically a "LBA 1 occurs again after LBA 1" storyline, while this is basically the Twinsuan version of the real-life Korean peninsula, with some differences of course.

Of course, this here is just an idea, a proposal for the new storyline. Every single member of this forum is strongly encouraged to give their own ideas, and help us make a new, better storyline this project.
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