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So far, characters (only a few of which will appear in the first episode of the game):

- Twinsen - The Heir. Well, this one is obvious. He was there in LBA 1, he was there in LBA 2, he'll obviously be there in between.
- Zoé - Twinsen's girlfriend, now wife. Not sure exactly what role she has.
- Tabata - The female Quetch wizard from LBA 2. The Elemental Wizard. She can tear and bend pretty much anything. Involved in the separation of Mt. Baiga from Citadel Island and its transformation into the Island of the Dome of the Slate (an event that needs an explanation and discussion). Also, I'd like to portray her as somehow related to Zoé, as it would explain why Zoé didn't explode in jealousy and rage when Tabata kissed Twinsen in the end of LBA 2. That, or maybe even better - she could be Twinsen's sister, who went into hiding at some point before LBA 1 when FunFrock banned magic, and Twinsen lost contact with her then.
- First Dean of the School of Magic - very important, possibly the leader of South Twinsun (but see Damalalaï). A sphero (but NOT Ker'aooc). In the game he might appear only as Dean Emeritus, retired and succeeded by the Second Dean.
- Second Dean of the School of Magic - very important, possibly the leader of South Twinsun (but see Damalalaï). The rabbibunny one we see in LBA 2.
- Damalalaï - possibly the leader of South Twinsun, or just the Twinsunian Head of Religion, basically like if the real-life Dalai Lama obtained the same influence and powers of the Pope.
- Pierre Chevay - commander in chief of the South Twinsunian Army, successor to the late colonel Kroptman whom we've seen in LBA 1. Twinsen's close friend and ally, and resents having to fight the war.
- Jerome Baldino - well he's obvious. Has to give the ProtoPack.
- Miss Bloop - she befriends Twinsen. Role undefined but definitely friendly. The friendship is then carried over to LBA 2.
- Mies van der Rooh - as per usual, gives us information. In the last quarter of the game, he is seen going to the Citadel cliffs to explore a newly discovered cave system there, but he never returns...

- First Monarch of Twinsun - leader of North Twinsun, kind of like the LBA version of the Japanese Emperors Meiji and Taishou, rises to power after defeating FunFrock, and pushes for industrialization, democratization and peace. Declares himself a descendant of the Sendells (much like the Emperor of Japan was considered a descendant of the Kami). We never see him/her in-game, as she dies before the start, and is succeeded by Angus I.
- The Female Elf - wears a pink costume. We need to discuss her further, at the moment I have no idea what to do with her.
- Bersimon - the Weather Wizard. I'd like him to have a role but not sure what.
- The Grobo Wizard - No idea what to do with him.
- Ker'aooc - the Healing Wizard. A sphero. We might have him in without revealing his identity to Twinsen. Maybe he secretly uses his power to revive the Female Elf who then instructs Twinsen to do something in order to get from her an item needed to advance with the game. Has to be discussed.

- Angus I. (Nizeda), Second Monarch of Twinsun - the main villain; the successor of the above, a quasi-psychotic absolute autocrat, some kind of cross of FunFrock, Emperor Shouwa (Hirohito), Hideki Toujo, and Kim Jong-un. Pushes for militarization, autocracy and war. Starts the war against South Twinsun.
- The Unknown Voice - sounds like a Sup, and is randomly overheard by Twinsen talking to Nizeda about a certain He the Unknown Voice is glad to cooperate with. LBA 2 makes it really clear who the Unknown Voice is (Emperor of Zeelich) and who the He is (none other than Dr. FunFrock himself).
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