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Originally Posted by Battler
So we have the following factoring in:
1. The likely separation and almost isolation before FunFrock, due to the difficulty of crossing the Hamalayi mountains - though the appearance of common cultural elements, such as the Runic Stones, on both hemispheres points at existing contact;
2. The complete separation and isolation during FunFrock, due to to the closure and barricarding of the Hamalayi mountains;
3. The north's reluctance to accept southern rule due to not having experience with southern rulers other than FunFrock.
Now then, if we look into the antiquity in real life, we notice that mountain ranges usually always worked as a barricade. Just think of how much the Alps protected the Romans from invasions from the north.
Now sure, in LBA 1, we know of the Okojo Pass from south to north in the Hamalayi Mountains but most likely, not many poeple crossed it at all, let alone on a regular basis. And the alternative, the Dino-fly, is only accessible to the Heir, so inaccessible to most people.
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