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- Tabata - The female Quetch wizard from LBA 2. The Elemental Wizard. She can tear and bend pretty much anything. Involved in the separation of Mt. Baiga from Citadel Island and its transformation into the Island of the Dome of the Slate (an event that needs an explanation and discussion). Also, I'd like to portray her as somehow related to Zoé, as it would explain why Zoé didn't explode in jealousy and rage when Tabata kissed Twinsen in the end of LBA 2. That, or maybe even better - she could be Twinsen's sister, who went into hiding at some point before LBA 1 when FunFrock banned magic, and Twinsen lost contact with her then.
Twinsen's sister is looking more and more of a good idea to me. After all, Tabata does look a bit Twinsen'ish - the dark ponytail for one. She's also the only character apart from Zoé that actually kisses Twinsen, and now add to that the fact Zoé does not freak out when she sees said kiss, we might as well presume she's his sister. She could also be his cousin, though, but I prefer sister - especially since we need more of Twinsen's immediate family.
Also maybe we should take the occasion to maybe reveal more about Twinsen's family. For example, we could reveal that Twinsen's father also tried to rebel against FunFrock, maybe even have him as the founder and leader of the Rebels until FunFrock got ahold of both him and Twinsen's mother and gave them a bad end, at which point the Rebels chose Colonel Kroptman to lead them.
Maybe have it so that Twinsen's father was caught by FunFrock when trying to burgle into the museum to steal that key. That would certainly explain why that alarm system was recently installed.
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