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So, the backstory being written, it's time to start with the storyline proper.

So where does the game start? The island is obvious - Citadel Island, as after all, both LBA 1 and LBA 2 start, and it is Twinsen's home island. But where on Citadel Island do we start? The Citadel does not exist anymore, and Twinsen's house is still being rebuilt.
I propose we start in the one house that was inaccessible in LBA 1, that was not far from where the robot is in LBA 1 and the kindergarten in LBA 2.
I think that was Twinsen's birth house, where Twinsen lived before building the big house in which he lived with Zoé. With his sister Tabata going into hiding because of being a wizard, and his parents ending up badly because of association with the Rebels, that house was abandoned, possibly even seized by the FunFrock regime.
In this case, it's safe to presume that after FunFrock's defeat at the hand of Twinsen, Twinsen would have obtained back the house, and he and Zoé would have gone live there while the big house was being rebuilt.
So we can start the game there.

Just under it, we have the Pharmacy, the Baggage Claim, Bersimon's house (he would later move into a newly built tent near the Flower Field of Sendell after becoming a Wizard and sell his house to Mrs. Bloop), and the original Motorbike Outpost (would move elsewhere by the time of LBA 2 and the Kindergaten built in its place).
In the scene above it, we have the ruins of the Citadel, and a pathway that leads on one side to a fence (behind it, a military training camp, where Bersimon would by LBA 2 build his tent), and on the other side, to Woordbridge Island, with the bridge still intact.
In the scene below it, we have the Shop, Zoé's birth house (would be demolished by LBA 2 and replaced with the new Motorbike Outpost), and Luc's Tavern.
From here, we can go two ways, to the Harbor which has the Inter-Islands Ferry building, and Mr. Paul's house, and to the residential district which was the WIP new Twinsen and Zoé's house, the Van der Rooh house, and Twinsen's Cave.
Then remains only Mt. Baiga where I think it's best to have Twinsen's Catamaran and Dino-Fly wait in the first part of the game.
In the second half of the game, Twinsen and Zoé move to the new house, Mt. Baiga is split off by the power of Sendell (come on, that can move the Emerald Moon at least slightly, surely it can move that mountain) and the Dome of the Slate is built there, so Dino-Fly starts waiting behind Twinsen's house already while the Catamaran has already been sold.

Now, on Citadel Island, Twinsen doesn't do much, at least at this point. Twinsen gets the Magic Ball and Tunic back from Tabata's house because he had entrusted them to his sister, then goes to the harbor (either by foot or pays the Motorbiker for a ride there), and departs for Kroptman Island (formerly Rebellion Island).
Also, Zoé's birth house had passed to Twinsen's sister Tabata (that's where he gets his stuff back from), but Tabata has seemingly disappeared. Most people tell him to ask Bersimon, and Bersimon tells him she was last seen on Krotpman Island but has no idea where exactly she is.

In the next post, the Kroptman Island part will be detailed.
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