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Well, I will get to Krotpman Island later.
For time being, let me stop on the Desert Island a bit. Basically, we know that in LBA 1 it was put under heavy military control because it contained what I think was the second most important place related to the Legend after the Well of Sendell - the Temple of Bù.
We also know that the the original plan for this modification project had the Desert Island put under renewed military control, this time by rebels rebelling against Nizeda, who even built a military base around the Temple of Bù.
Now, that no longer makes any sense. We know the rebels are on Brundle Island and rebelling against the northern regime. We know north-south tensions are on the rise. We know Desert Island is replacing Principal Island (perhaps we should rename that island to something else - Belooga Island anyone?) as the main island at least of the southern hemisphere (after all, again, it has the second-most important place related to the Legend, and I would surmise it was also the capital before FunFrock too), which also explain why the principal service of the Inter-Islands Ferry has switched to Desert Island by the time of LBA 2.
Now also remember, while the northern regime resembles the FunFrock regime in many ways, and increassingly so, it differs from it in one key aspect - while the FunFrock regime loathed the Legend and even forbade any mention of it, the current northern regime instead uses the Legend as the key point for legitimizing its rule, for after all King Nizeda claims to be a descendant of the Sendells. We could surmise he makes regular pilgrimages to Polar Island/the Well of Sendell and encourages his people to do so too. Remember also that he has his capital on former Fortress Island, we could call it, say, Shinsha Island, shinsha being the ancient Japanese word for shine, and it most probably housed a Shrine of Sendell before FunFrock destroyed it, and I could imagine Nizeda rebuilding it.
In fact, in this aspect, while the FunFrock regime more closely resembled Nazi Germany and North Korea (ironically), the Nizeda regime of the north more closely resembles the regime of Imperial (= pre-WW2) Japan.
Now, what is the most likely southern island Nizeda might attack? Well, which if not the most important island of the hemisphere - Desert Island. This gives us a valid reason to have the southern regime increase the defense of the island (hence the military observatory where the Hacienda is in LBA 2, the military installations kept (and reinforced) at the LBA 1 landing place, and the military buildings in Port Ludo and surroundings). And of course, the heaviest defense would be around the Temple of Bù, for obvious reasons. That, and the installations around it also double as the sleeping quarters for the archaeologists working inside the temple.
Heck, this makes me wonder - the places where the race track is in LBA 2. The original intention was to have it a mountain that would be razed, but what if we make it a secondary town, one designed to house the archaeologists and the military personnel. It would obviously have heavy defenses around it and require an invitation or permit to be visited. It would be abandoned after the end of the events we portray and eventually a race track set up on its ruins. We could reuse the planned mountain's name for the town - Chattevau, an anagram of the French word chauvette which means a ponytail.

Now, a second island I wanted to expand on. That would be Brundle Island. This is where the rebellion begins. The recent Ukraine events of 2014 have given me an inspiration. Basically, just like in real-life Ukraine, the unrest could be on southern Brundle Island (with the northern part remaining in the north's hands), and it would start as peaceful protests against the regime, but then as the regime became more and more authoritarian and peaceful protesters were sent to a prison in the north of the island, the protests evolves into an armed rebellion to which the regime responds with an armed intervention.
Now here we could play the Crimea card and have the southern portion of the island eventually annexed by South Twinsun (after South Twinsun takes control of the Okojo Pass), and have it the turning point.
The reason for the intiial unrest could be simple - due to the presence of a FunFrock center on the island, people from the southern hemisphere might have settled in the island's southern part (for all we know, FunFrock might well have employed forced labor), and of course they wouldn't agree with Nizeda's statements and policies. Eventually, the regime's treatment of the protesters enraged the people to the point of armed unrest.
However, the Hamalayi mountains functioning as a DMZ with the Okojo Pass being basically the border checkpoint, made it impossible for the South to annex that portion of the island, but as soon as the South takes control of the Okojo Pass (it could be a Mosquibee event in reverse - during some event Twinsen is invited to, some people from the North do something stupid such as a accidentally firing some shots southwards and/or other provocatory actions, and the South responds with an armed invasion of the pass).
Or to avoid armed takeovers of the Okojo Pass (as that would be essentially a repeat of that happened in the same place in LBA 1), we could simply make it so that a place is spotted where the only thing between a South-controlled river and waters of the North is a layer of ice, and the Wizards are called to melt the ice (something that should be really easy for them). Heck, all we need is one Wizard, Bersimon (the Weather Wizard), launching a spell that causes a temporary rise of temperature for enough time to melt the ice and open the pass, and maybe enough permanent heating in the area to prevent re-freezing, and we have exactly what we need. A new pass, the South taking control of all of it because it was in a largely deserted area, and it being just south of Brundle Island, so annexation can be made possible.
Basically, TL;DR, a convient place is spooted in Hamalayi and unfrozen with a magic spell (by either Twinsen or Bersimon) which gives South a pass to Northern waters that it is in full control of, and the ability to annex southern Brundle Island.
And once the South is in control of southern Brundle, it's only a matter of time before they can march on northern Brundle.
We can then make Tippett spontaneously join the South (I can imagine the sewers being full of rebels and other weirdos much like in LBA 1, and the villges on the surface mountains largely consisting of people who don't care who they are ruled by), at which point we have Southern waters surrounding the Okojo pass, at which point the Northern positions there become indefensible, and the DMZ ceases functioning (we can just change a game flag of for that and the next time we're at the DMZ, it has been blown up and the South is in control of everything). Then all that remains is Shinsha Island where we get random skirmishes throughout, and then as we reach the pass to Polar Island, we see Nizeda who makes a monologue, utters a prayer to Sendell and heads towards the Well of Sendell. Then the final battle ensues and just as Nizeda is preparing to launch the fatal magical attack at Twinsun, Sendell intervenes. Twinsen then prepares to off Nizeda as Nizeda is frantically crying, wondering why Sendell has acted against him, only for Sendell to remind him that Twinsen is The Heir, and Twinsen then decides to show mercy and spare him. Then, a flash of light appears and Nizeda disappears. Twinsen flies out to restore world peace, wondering what just happened, assuming the flash of light was Sendell's doing, but we, the players, know it was certain people from a certain distant planet that was really behind the flash of light.
(Maybe the Emperor of Zeelich intended to invade Twinsun and first tried to work with Nizeda but as Nizeda demanded to be made the ruler of Twinsun after the invasion, the Emperor offed him, and then some sups who were exploring Emerald Moon, spotted a cryogenic capsule next to the ruins of a very primitive spaceship, and inside it, FunFrock's body, with a note left that the Emperor translates, revealing this is FunFrock, yet another former ruler of Twinsun, and the Emperor gives an order to revive FunFrock because he wants to try to do with him what he failed to do with Nizeda. The rest is history.)

Anyway this is it for this, it will all be developed further if/when we even reach the relevant part. The next post will be at the part we're currently chronologically in - Kroptman Island.
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