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This thread has made me think.

I actually just got a great idea for my LBA: The Great Rebellion project (yeah, I never give up on that) - what if the great rebellion is made to be something planned by Mies van der Rooh disguised as a new character (Nizeda), but Twinsen ends it by destroying the rebels' base but never actually fighting Nizeda himself, causing Nizeda to simply go into hiding but eventually emerge in LBA 2 as the Dean of the School of Magic. There could still be a climatic battle in the end, but it could involve Nizeda's second in command rather than Nizeda himself.
And I could go with my original idea to have the rebel base be Desert Island, with the climatic battle taking place in the Rebel Fortress which in the end gets demolished, in fact, this could be used as the genesis of the Island across the Hacienda, which starts as a rebel-built coastal fortress on reclaimed land thinly connect to mainland Desert Island, but after its demolition, it becomes that island.
In fact, this island is NW of the Temple of Bù, and it could be surmised that the great sandstorm that coverted the Temple of Bù consisted of sand raised from NW, causing a valley between two peaks to be filled by sea water, dividing this island from Desert Island and changing its climate to milder due to this island now being surrounded by water. This would have made it the perfect place for the survivors of the great sandstorm to go to, and found a new temple there to replace the now lost Temple of Bù.
We can then presume that under FunFrock, the people would have been exiled from there and the place turned into a military installation. After FunFrock's demise, I can see Nizeda taking over the ruins of that military installation (and the temple) and using it as one of his bases where he did, among other things, crazy magical research. This could be the perfect place for the final climatic battle.
After that, the place would be demolished again, leaving it as an uninhabited but nice island, with however the Protection Spell cave, ultimately descended from the aformentioned temple and base, with the Protection Spell still guarded by monsters just like Nizeda/Mies van der Rooh set it up.

In fact - what if that was the original Temple of Bù, abandoned after the tilting of Twinsun's rotational axis combined with plate tectonics made it an unsuitable place and caused Bù to demand it be moved to the new center of the Southern Hemisphere. And after the new temple was destroyed in the great sandstorm, the original temple was revived under another name.
And here's one further pattern of thought - what if LeBorgne was an ancestor of Mies van der Rooh, which would make LBA: The Great Rebellion a replay of the battle between LeBorgne and Twinsen's ancestor Hégésippe. Note that LeBorgne is most likely a nickname - it means "The one-eyed" (though in real-life france there were some (colonial) generals with that name), so who knows what his real name was. For all we know, his real name could have been, for example, Joop van der Rooh (why not, let's borrow the name of my favorite #LBA bot, which is also a valid Dutch given name).
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