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- Polaris: If there's one thing I've always had, is a vivid and never ending imagination.

Anyway, I was thinking the original story from this thread can still work even with my new idea, except that rather than Desert Island being fortified to prevent a northern takeover, it's actually fortified and militarized by northern operatives posing as archaeologists who offered to handle the island after LBA 1.
In fact, this makes the story of Nizeda (who in this case becomes Mies van der Rooh in disguise) creating a religious authoritarian regime à la real-life imperial Japan in the north all the more credible, and in fact it can also serve as an explanation as for why he was always double-dealing - he was against FunFrock because FunFrock loathed the religion he (Mies) was a fanatic of, but at the same he liked how FunFrock was able to take over the entire world and also aspired at becoming FunFrock's second in command in order to eventually off FunFrock and take over as the world's leader, amalgamating FunFrock's technology with the religion of Sendell into some form of heavily militarized State Sendellism, something he eventually achieves on the north (and on Desert Island).
Him never descending into battle on his own account and instead always using someone else (culminating with his second in command) would further echo Imperial Japan where the Emperor never directly fought anyone.
One thing I'd love to portray is a School of Magic that's out in the open, trying to openly promote the teaching of magic, to contrast it with its hidden nature in LBA 2 which would be Mies' (= Nizeda = LBA 2 Dean) doing as a way of transitioning it from an organization whose primary purpose is to teach magic to some sort of a Secret Magical Council ruling (or attempting to rule) the planet from the shadows.
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