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wacko ~ I use them day-in-day out at my university, and you quikly see faults with them.
The same colour can apear quite different at different areas of the screen (even when you are viewing it head on).
They frequently have trouble handleing anti-anylising or divering.
(you can actualy see them flicker when your shutting the pc down and the desktop "fades")

And im sorry to inform you, they do have refresh rates and they are in fact slower then CTR.
Much slower.
Much much slower.
You want to use 3D shutter glass's on a CRT?
You simply cant.
Not fast enough.
However, each refresh is "better" if you like, so it needs less of them.
(dosnt constantly fade in from black, it mearly fades from the last colour)

This makes static images appear much better (say, reading off the screen).
But fast movement isnt done so well.
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