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Darkflame: I noticed terrible colours on some of the older TFTs at university as well, like very light yellow appears plain white unless you view it from a very sharp angle, and dark blue and black are sometimes hardly distinguishable from eachother. However, the newer ones really have fine colours compared to CRT and have higher contrasts. It really really depends on the age and quality of the model you're working with. Refresh rate might be lower, which is indeed noticable with slower (older) monitors, where you can see moved pixels when you move a vertical line of pixels to the left and right quickly. It's getting better all the time though.
The whole concept of a TFT is nicer, too. It's a pad of pixels instead of an electrons cannon.

V2: how nice, an outdated benchmark (thunderbirds? ultrasparcs?) with one test with one piece of software from a subjective source. I've read articles where they concluded that PC hardware is faster and cheaper with software suites like Adobe Photoshop, which was previously one of the last real good reasons for people to use Macs. Sure, a dual G5 Mac kicks ass, but think of the pc you could have assembled for the same price. If not more speed, then certainly the value.
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