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I don't really like the way quotes are handled right now.
So I have a few suggestions:
1. Create a "Quotes" namespace, and copy all the quotes from the mbn to that namespace. The page title for each quote will simply be its MBN id (e.g. will be copied to
This will also help us categorize the quotes (e.g. Said by twinsen, said to twinsen, on lba1, on lba2), and will help us search through the quotes easily (using the wikimedia search engine), and do other cool stuff as well.

2. modify the quotes template so it will simply include specific quote page (e.g. "{{Quote|id=2047}}"). This can be quite easily done. It will also include a link to that quote's page.
This template will also have various options, like:
a. {{Quotes|Quote=xx|Character=yy}} will still work as it used to (but we will avoid using it).
b. We could have quote links, which will only include a link to the quote's page, and not include the quote itself.
etc etc.

What do you think?
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