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Originally Posted by marcosmapf View Post
Fucking awesome run, just watched it! Awesome job \o/
Thanks man and yes a great run!

Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Whoah, impressive !
You lost your english at ~28 mins
Say, when you use ctrl during your jumps, is it to cancel the jump or you're just pressing it too early to cancel the animation at the end ? 'Cause if you want to cancel the jump you can use down as well.
Wouldn't it be shorter to get money to use the bug with the keysmith in the old burg ?
For the jump I'm not using the CTRL key, I even removed it from my keyboard. I use F keys to animation reset. What happened in the end (before the pool) is that I was too stressed and started doing stupid thing!

For the money the keysmith isn't in the run anymore and only give 15$ so it's better to raid the library instead! Amnesti is currently writing a money guide right now.
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