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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
Is the game different in playstation? If so i definitely want to play it
I have seen gameplay footage, and though I have never played the PlayStation version of LBA 1, the game is definitely the same. In fact, the game is a direct port of the initial personal computer version. Sorry, Jesse.

The only difference that the PS1 version has is the different pitches / bends / etc. of various sound effects, different sound cards for the midi files that play throughout the game, and the game screen has the behavior information on the top instead of pressing, "Ctrl" on your keyboard like the PC version. In addition, the loading times take longer that of the PC ( Or the same, I think ). Twinsen also has, "Eyes" like in LBA 2, though the game is LBA 1.

Personally, I don't think the PS1 version is all that worth it, unless your someone whom loves collecting video games for your collection. Playing the game on the computer allows me to modify or hack it in any way I please, especially with the programs here on the site.
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